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We Are the Top Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Rooftop Supports Manufacturer in China

SuperAir Group is a leading provider of HVAC supplies manufacturing in China, specializing in Metal stamping parts, Rubber molding parts, Plastic products, and more.

Whether you need Ventilation Accessories, Duct Fittings, Air Conditioning Installations, Rooftop Support Systems, or other HVAC accessories, SuperAir is your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs.

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SuperAir ventilation mainly consists of Ventilation Air Diffusion and Duct systems to transport air. The ventilation air diffusion is made of metal steel, aluminum, or plastic, like air valves, ceiling diffusers, and grilles. The duct system covers both circular and rectangular duct systems as well as flexible ducts.

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

SuperAir offers a comprehensive range of Air Conditioning Installations to easily and quickly fix air conditioning units, like AC Brackets, Mounting Accessories, and Rooftop Support Systems, and provides professional OEM & ODM service.

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rooftop support systems

Rooftop Support

Rooftop Support Systems

 SuperAir is skilled in designing and supplying Rooftop Support Systems that cater to various applications and equipment like Air handling units, AC units, Ducting support, Cable trays, Pipe Support, Roof-mounted condensers, VRV Systems, etc. Please provide detailed information about the required products to receive a customized quote that meets your needs. 



As the most professional refrigeration team in China, SuperAir is able to provide a complete service of refrigeration parts, whether it’s compressors, ACR maintenance tools, thermostats, or brass fittings.

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On-Demand Custom Product Manufacturing

SuperAir has several professional R&D teams to help our customers develop innovative, high-quality products. Whether you need custom-made products or standard ones, we can provide them at competitive prices and fast delivery. SuperAir is committed to providing excellent customer service and satisfaction.

  • Count on SuperAir ISO-Certified Factories
  • Supported by National Laboratories
  • Propel your ideas forward from Design to Delivery
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Why Choose SuperAir

By choosing SuperAir as your manufacturing partner in China, you benefit from our expertise, streamlined project management, extensive supplier network, and dedication to delivering customized solutions. With us by your side, you can confidently navigate the manufacturing journey and bring your product to market successfully.

Competitive Price

High-level automation reduces labor costs greatly, enabling SuperAir to provide the best prices

Fast delivery

Large-scale production & keeping semi-finished safety stock enable SuperAir to provide the fastest delivery

Comprehensive range

A big range of HVAC/R Products enables customers to source everything in one stop.

Strong R&D support

With owned tooling workshops, it is easier and more efficient to develop new products

Strict quality control

ISO 9001 certified & SGS audited manufacturer, strictly performs Quality Control

Start With Low MOQ

SuperAir supports our clients with Low MOQ for the first order.

Our Certifications

Our Happy Clients From 60+ Countries

Trusetd by World-Class Brand

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Driven by powerful ideas originating from long-term experiences.
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