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About SuperAir

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SuperAir Group Limited

Welcome to SuperAir Group Limited: Your Ultimate HVAC Partner

At SuperAir Group Limited, we’re not just a manufacturer and supplier, we’re your strategic partner in the world of ventilation,  air conditioning and HVAC solutions.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction, we are your one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs.

From Ventilation Accessories to Air Conditioning Installations and everything in between, we have your HVAC journey covered.

Who We Are?

Championing HVAC Manufacturing: Your Innovation Ally

Step into the world of SuperAir Group, where HVAC manufacturing reaches new heights. As front runners in the field, we’ve etched a legacy of excellence, solidifying our position as industry pioneers.

Our mastery lies in crafting exceptional Metal Stamping Parts, Rubber Molding Parts, Plastic Products and more. But we’re more than manufacturers, we’re collaborators, partners and inventive solvers.

Our journey revolves around turning your HVAC concepts into concrete realities, sparking life into ideas and reshaping the industry landscape.

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What We Do?

Comprehensive HVAC Solutions: Building Excellence Across Every Layer

Our offerings are diverse and comprehensive. From the intricate Ventilation Accessories that enhance airflow efficiency to the intricate Duct Fittings that streamline HVAC systems, we cover every facet of the industry.

Our Air Conditioning Installations are a testament to our dedication to precision and performance. And when it comes to Rooftop Support Systems, our creations stand firm as the backbone of your HVAC structures.

We cater to your every need, no matter how complex or unique, ensuring that you find every solution under our roof.

Why Choose Us?

The SuperAir Advantage for HVAC Excellence

Choosing SuperAir as your HVAC manufacturing partner is choosing innovation, reliability, and success.
Our strengths are not just in the products we create, but in the value we add to your journey

Cost-Effective Solutions

Through cutting edge automation and efficient processes, we offer the best prices without compromising on quality.

Prompt Delivery

Our large scale production and strategic stock management mean that you receive your products faster than the competition.

Diverse Range:

Our extensive array of HVAC/R Products simplifies your sourcing process, making us your single destination for all your needs.

Robust R&D Support

Equipped with state of the art tooling workshops, our R&D teams ensure that your product ideas are transformed into reality swiftly and efficiently.

Rigorous Quality Control

As an ISO 9001 certified and SGS audited manufacturer, quality is ingrained in every step of our production.

Start with Low MOQ

We support your aspirations from the start offering Low MOQ for your initial orders.


Elevate Your HVAC Journey

Partner with us and experience the transformation of your HVAC aspirations. Our promise is not just in words but in actions, your vision is our mission. Embark on a journey that promises rapid feedback within 12 hours full spectrum capabilities, unbeatable prices, swift prototype realization in just one week and delivery in 30-35 days. This is the SuperAir advantage.


Lastest SuperAir's Moments

SuperAir treats every partner with sincerity, known for its professional, passionate, and persevering team. Our members are young, energetic, and love life, willing to share our know-how with our clients, grow and succeed together.

Take the First Step

Your HVAC dreams are waiting to take shape. It’s time to reach out and collaborate with SuperAir Group Limited. Let’s redefine the HVAC landscape together, from concept to reality, design to delivery. Contact us today and let’s embark on a journey that reshapes possibilities. Your HVAC future starts here.

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