Why AC Covers Are Important?

With the changing of seasons, a lot of preparation is required. This includes a lot of things; getting clothes ready, preparing HVAC systems for the changes, maintenance, etc. one of these chores also includes covering up your Air Conditioning Units. Although not recommended for the entire winter, there are a lot of reasons why getting an AC cover would be the better choice.

What is an AC Cover?

The AC cover is a cover used to protect the air conditioner from dust during the season when it is not in use, slowing down the oxidation of rust and giving the air conditioner a good maintenance effect.

Should I Cover My AC?

Before we go on regaling the benefits of AC covers, we need to clear some points beforehand. First and foremost: you should not cover your AC for the entire season, especially in winter with snow or rainy seasons. AC covers retain most moisture from snow and rain, leading to rusting and corrosion in the air conditioner units over time. Moreover, AC covers attract and hide a lot of critters; thus, covering your AC for the entire winter season is not a good idea. But it should be remembered all these points are for the outdoor unit. Indoor AC is an entirely different story.

But there are times when AC cover becomes necessary, which we will discuss in this article.

Why AC Covers Are Important?

Here are the reasons why AC covers are important.

A Barrier Against Leaves And Seeds:

If your outdoor unit is placed near a lot of trees, chances are that any wayward leaves will make their way onto the unit, some of them in it. It will happen more often in the fall season. And nothing to mention of seeds; once they get in the unit and get enough moisture, they will grow uninhibited. This growing shrubbery inside your AC unit cannot be anything good.

Protection From Twigs And Debris:

Leaves are not the only thing that will find their way into the unit. Twigs and debris will also be something to look out for. This is more dangerous; debris can create small pockets of moisture. And we all know that moisture would lead to corrosion, mold infestation, and rusting.

Barring The Pests:

Yes, AC covers will attract Pests or hide their presence. But here is the thing: if you get a proper, breathable cover with all the straps for sealing that will cover the AC entirely, this would not be a problem anymore. Instead, the cover would become a hindrance for rodents.

No More Dust:

Indoor AC, when left uncovered, will continue to gather dust. This dust will penetrate the interior of the unit. You will only become aware of this fact when you turn on the AC for the first time at the start of summer. A cover could prevent all of that, and for an interior unit, there is not a high risk of trapping moisture and mold growth to be aware of.

Protection From Weather:

Yes, AC units are built to withstand harsh weather, but excess of something is never good. If your area is exposed to sand storms often, an AC cover would be a good investment. Excessive snow can also be kept at bay. In the latter case, make sure that you are only covering your AC for excessive snow.

When To Get An AC Cover:

  • During the fall season.
  • Renovation
  • Painting
  • Extreme storms.

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