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Air Conditioning 101: What Do You Need For First Time Installation?

Having an air conditioning system is a must if you want to survive the extreme heat. But the installation process leaves a lot to desire if you are an amateur and this is your first rodeo. Thus, before you try to mess with the system, do your research.

In this article, we will guide you about things you may need for the first time installation of an air conditioning system.

An Air Conditioning Unit:

Well, how can you have an air conditioning system without an AC? Thinking otherwise would be absurd and idiotic. AC is the first thing you need to get, but it should be done with proper research. Carry out all the calculations. Figure out exactly what sized AC would be suitable for your property.

Other than that, you don’t need to buy much. HVAC companies always provide a complete AC package with all the components. This includes condensers, evaporators, coils, drip pans, etc. You need to buy some extra add-ons, and you are good to go.

Wall Mounts/ Brackets:

Now, the air conditioner is not something that can be left lying on the floor. All of its parts have to be placed at a specifically chosen place. More accurately, they would need to be mounted on a specific area of a wall in the interior or exterior. And for that, you need to create frames that can take the weight of the heavy equipment. Thus, get some wall mounts and brackets with studs and screws as soon as you get your AC unit.

SuperAir Stainless Steel AC Brackets

Bigfoot Framework:

Air conditioning units and all their assorted components cannot be left lying on the floor like bookshelves. The machines need proper equipment and support to stay in place. Especially when it comes to the split units, you cannot place outdoor units on the ground. That is where the bigfoot framework comes in.

Bigfoot framework is a sturdy frame designed to support the unit on either floor or roof. Depending upon the size of your air conditioning unit, you can get the framework in a variety of sizes.

SuperAir Air conditioning support System

Tool Box:

The toolbox should be your next priority after the air conditioner. Otherwise, it’s impossible to do the installation, even if you have everything else. Make sure you have a measuring tape, screwdriver, marking pen, and a drill.

SuperAir Air conditioning Refrigeration Tools

AC Cover:

AC cover is not strictly necessary, nor is it essential to the installation process of air conditioners. However, they are convenient and protect your unit from many things; dust, debris, and the effects of changing weather.

It is something that you can DIY, for instance, from old newspapers, clothing covers, and a lot of tapes. But getting an industrial-grade AC cover would be the better choice. They are hassle-free, sturdy, and long-lasting.

Can You Install An Air Conditioning System Yourself?

Yes, you can. There are a lot of videos and tutorials you can find on the internet, some of them from reliable resources. But, installing an air conditioning system on your own is not recommended. Unless you are an electrician or have some experience in such matters, you are better off hiring some professional to do the job.

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