Top 10 Air Conditioning Problems

top 10 air conditioning problems

Air conditioners have become an essential of our daily lives. Whether it’s commercial, industrial, or plain old residential areas, AC units have become a must-have accessory. But air conditioner repairs are costly, and a little carelessness can cause a lot of problems. As an owner, you should be aware of the most common problems you might face.

Here are the 10 air conditioning problems you should know about.

Problem 1: AC Not Turning On:

The most common problem is the most obvious: The air conditioner is not turning on. There can be many reasons behind this, some innocent, others not so innocent.

Innocent ones may include reasons like thermostat programming or tripped circuit breaker. All of these have simple solutions, like adjusting the thermostat and resting the circuit breaker by flipping the switch. In many other cases, a simple turn-off and on may also do the trick. But if all of that doesn’t work, something bigger might be at play here, in which case it’s just better to call a repairer to deal with it.

Problem 2: High Cooling Bills:

Sometimes, the increase in cooling and relevant bills is gradual. That is problematic; it’s just an indication of age and your increasing cooling needs. That is very normal, as even machines face the ever-present problem of aging. With time, the performance of your air conditioner can slip down slowly.

But sometimes, energy consumption increases too much in a short amount of time. This would mean that there is some major problem with the AC, thus needing repairs or replacement in worse-case scenarios. However, keep in mind that that cannot be the only reason your cooling bills can increase drastically. Poor insulation, drafts, and leakage can lead to the same end.

Problem 3: Strange Voices

Many people have complained about hearing squeaky, strange voices coming out of their air conditioning units. Contrary to what many assume, this is not normal. These strange voices are a blatant sign of something being wrong with the inside circuitry of the machine. Something might be broken or loosened. In any case, calling a repairman immediately would be the best solution to the problem.

Problem 4: Dirty AC Filters:

If the AC’s airflow feels stuffy or clogged, it is a clear sign that the air conditioner’s filters have become dirty. Again, there is a big chance that the problem with the airflow might have come from dirty filters. Especially for pet owners, the problem often gets exacerbated. Dust is the least of their problems when they have to combat animal hair, fur, dander, and similar things.

It is recommended by experts to change your filters regularly without any pause. Or to clean them if they are not disposable filters. The more recent smart AC will inform you about the state of your filters, so if you have that, you don’t have to worry about checking the filters that much.

Problem 5: Leakage:

Whether it’s the outdoor unit or the indoor unit, leakage can occur quite often, dirtying your walls and lawn. However, the reason behind leaking ACs can be very simple: you are not very up-to-date on regular maintenance. The internal pipes can get clogged by condensation, leading to constant leakage, and leaving puddles in the surrounding. The best solution would be to schedule regular maintenance programs without any breaks.

Speaking of maintenance…

Problem 6: Inadequate Maintenance:

Inadequate maintenance can cause a lot of problems. The need for frequent repairs, fall in efficiency, leakage, and a lot more. Unlike other problems, it is entirely preventable.

Here is the thing: air conditioner maintenance is essential but not strictly necessary. Every expert you will talk to would say the same: maintaining your AC every year is not required. When it comes to commercial and industrial Ac, all bets are off. These are behemoths, and leaving these without proper maintenance would be foolish.

Problem 7: Drainage Problems:

Proper drainage is one of the first things professionals ensure when installing an AC. If not mounted at the proper height, the air conditioner will have a lot of problems in draining. Even if that is not the case, improper drainage, no matter the reason, can lead to clogged pipes and internal circuitry, which would cause leakage or, worse: mold infestation.

Problem 8: Electric Control Failure:

The compressor and fans of the AC can wear out by the constant turning off and on of the unit. Combined with the blower and condenser motor, all these parts work as a combined unit, working in tandem with each other. So if something goes wrong with one component, the entire connection would follow, leading to electric failure.

Problem 9: Strange Smells Coming From The Unit:

Strange smells and odors are always a sign that something has gone wrong, no matter what machine it is coming from. Burning smells are clear signs of some electrical failure in the internal parts. Wiring issues or any other problems related to circuitry would emit a burning smell without fail.

As for musty smells, that is an indication of mold infestation in the internal parts where excess moisture is present. This may lead to clogged pipes, which in turn cause a lot of problems on their own.

Problem 10: Sensor Problems:

A sensor, or a thermostat sensor, can be found near the evaporator coils of the air conditioner. This sensor has the important job of sensing the temperature of the air in evaporating coils, thus adjusting the cooling according to the found conditions. But if it is knocked out of position, the AC will repeatedly turn on and off. Adjusting the sensor can get rid of that problem.

Here is a video describing the most common AC problems.

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