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Superaircool back draught Shutter

back draught Shutter

 Superaircool galvanized steel back draught Shutter

In the constantly evolving world of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Superaircool emerges as a dependable company, continually introducing innovations that revolutionize air management. Within our extensive product range, this HVAC back draught shutter made of galvanized steel sits in the spotlight, demonstrating our dedication to excellence and pioneering advances within HVAC technology.

Product Details

Back Draught Shutter



● The pressure relief valve PVA/PVB is used for preventing the reverse of airflow in circular
duct systems.
● The casing of PVA/PVB is made from galvanized steel, the blades are made of aluminium.
● PVA with an inner foam seal for better tightness and noise reduction.
● The valve opens when overpressure occurs and closes by means of spring when the pressure drops.
● It is recommended to install the shutter into the horizontal duct.

Back Draught Shutter
Back Draught Shutter

An unstoppable search for quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction characterizes Superaircool history through its journey in the HVAC industry. A name associated with innovation and quality, the galvanized steel Back Draught shutter is a testimony to our constant determination to push the limits of what is feasible in air-management systems.

This back-draught steel shutter made of galvanized steel from Superaircool is more than an element; it is a thoughtfully designed solution that solves the most pressing problems in HVAC systems. It offers many characteristics that make it stand out.

Key Features of back draught Shutter

Galvanized Steel Construction:

Made of high-end galvanized steel, the Back Draught Shutter is a sturdy, corrosion-resistant piece that can thrive in various climates. Utilizing galvanized steel guarantees longevity, durability, and consistent performance over time.

Precision Engineering:

The Back Draught Shutter is the result of careful engineering and design, which has reduced air leakage to an incredible extent. This precision not only improves airflow control but also leads to improved efficiency in energy use while reducing operating costs for HVAC equipment.


The versatility that comes with this Back Draught Shutter makes it ideal for a variety of HVAC-related applications, both in residential and commercial situations. The flexible design permits seamless integration into different ventilation systems, offering flexibility and comfort during installation.

Easy Installation:

Superaircool recognizes the importance of time and energy for HVAC professionals. This is why the Back Draught Shutter is designed to be easy to install, which reduces the time required for system integration. This feature guarantees a seamless installation experience for installers and also contributes to the overall efficiency of projects.

Standards Compliant:

In keeping with the most stringent standards in the industry, Superaircool ensures that the Back Draught Shutter complies with safety and performance requirements. This ensures security, reliability, and peace of mind for our customers.


back draught shutter
back draught shutter

Applications in HVAC Systems

Energy Efficiency:

By blocking backdrafts and preventing backdrafts, this Galvanized Steel Back Draught Shutter significantly enhances the effectiveness of HVAC units, reducing energy waste and environmental impact.

Airflow Control:

The exact structure of the Shutter permits the effective control of airflow direction, ensuring optimal conditions for the environment within a space, be it for cooling, heating, or ventilation.

Environmental Impact:

The more effective HVAC system made possible through the Back Draught Shutter reduces operating costs and aligns with the sustainability objectives, showing our commitment to environmental sustainability.

What is the function of a back Draught Shutter in HVAC systems?

The Back Draught Shutter serves a vital function in preventing the backflow of air through ventilation systems. This is not just a way to increase energy efficiency but also helps maintain the system’s optimal performance by directing airflow.

Is the galvanized steel back-draught shutter appropriate for all HVAC needs?

Our shutters are developed to be compatible with various HVAC applications for residential and commercial use. It can be adapted and has high-quality performance characteristics across a wide range of air-management systems.

How can the galvanized steel construction help the product’s performance?

The galvanized steel construction is key to the Back Draught Shutter’s efficiency. This sturdy material option provides durability, corrosion resistance, and a longer life span. It can withstand all conditions of the environment and is a solid option when it comes to HVAC equipment.

Will the Back Draught Shutter be retrofitted to the current HVAC units?

Yes, The Back Draught Shutter is designed with retrofitting in mind. Its clever design permits simple installation and minimizes downtime during integration. It’s an ideal solution to enhance the performance of existing HVAC systems without major changes.

Does Superaircool assist in the installation and maintenance of your system?

We at Superaircool are dedicated to ensuring that our customers are satisfied. Our customer service experts provide comprehensive assistance and support in installing and maintaining our equipment. This will ensure a seamless experience and maximum performance throughout the product’s life.

The Back Draught Shutter be customized to meet particular HVAC system needs?

Sure, Superaircool understands that each HVAC system is different. We offer customization options to satisfy specific needs, providing the best solution for your scenarios. This flexibility is essential for improving performance in various situations involving air management.

What benefits does this Back Draught Shutter bring to residential HVAC systems?

In the case of residential homes in residential settings, it is the Back Draught Shutter plays a vital role in increasing energy efficiency. It provides the same indoor temperature by preventing the unneeded backflow of air. This not only improves the overall efficiency of the HVAC system but also contributes to lower energy costs for homeowners.

Do you require routine maintenance to maintain Shutters made of Galvanized Steel Back Draught shutters?

While the Shutter was designed to last, regular inspections and maintenance are suggested to ensure the best performance throughout its lifetime. Regular inspections can help you uncover and resolve any potential problems, contributing to the long-term durability of the Shutter and its long-term performance.

Can the Back Draught Shutter be used to complement intelligent HVAC units?

Yes, we do, and the Back Draught Shutter is designed to integrate and test intelligent HVAC systems. This allows for improved controls and monitoring capabilities, which allows customers to improve their air control systems to increase efficiency and comfort.

What is the warranty Superaircool provides for this Galvanized Back Draught Shutter?

Superaircool is confident in the quality of its items. This Back Draught Shutter comes with an extensive warranty that gives security and peace of mind of our dedication to our customer’s satisfaction. This warranty demonstrates the dependability and long-lasting nature of the product.

What does the Shutter in the Back Draft add to the indoor air quality?

Stopping the flow of reverse air by blocking the flow of air Back Draught Shutter contributes significantly to ensuring indoor air quality. It aids in maintaining the quality and integrity of your HVAC system and ensures a more efficient breathing and healthier atmosphere.

back draught shutter
back draught shutter

Is the back Draught Shutter suitable for both exhaust and supply ventilation systems?

The structure of this Back Draught Shutter makes it adaptable enough to be used for both exhaust and supply air systems. This flexibility allows for effective airflow control in various situations, improving air management’s overall effectiveness.

Does The Back Draught Shutter operate in extreme weather conditions?

Combining galvanized steel structure with precise engineering enables Back Draught Shutter Back Draught Shutter to operate efficiently across various conditions. It is reliable and efficient even in the most challenging of environmental conditions.

Can the Shutter in Back Drift aid in the reduction of noise within HVAC units?

Yes, it is true that the Back Draught Shutter, by controlling airflow direction and minimizing turbulence, can reduce noise in HVAC systems. This feature is especially useful to ensure a quiet and comfortable indoor space.

What’s the anticipated life expectancy of this Galvanized Metal Back Draught Shutter?

With its sturdy construction and durable materials, this Back Draught Shutter is designed to last long. Its durability ensures reliability for a long time and makes it a durable and cost-effective option.

What is this Back Draught Shutter Enhanced HVAC system energy efficiency?

Back Draught Shutter Back Draught Shutter enhances HVAC system energy efficiency by preventing backdrafts, thus minimizing energy waste. This results in significant energy savings and a significant decrease in the operating costs of HVAC systems.

Can the Back Draught Shutter be integrated into HVAC systems on an industrial scale?

Yes, the flexible design of back-draught shutters permits seamless integration into large-scale HVAC systems. Its efficient airflow control is essential in large installations, enhancing the overall effectiveness of air control in industrial settings.

What material is used to make the seal on the Back Draught Shutter, and what is its contribution to the performance?

The seal is generally constructed from top-quality materials such as EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Derne Monomer), providing strong air leakage protection. This ensures the highest performance by keeping the seal in place and stopping airflow.

Is Back Draught Shutter compliant with environmental rules as well as standards?

Superaircool prioritizes compliance with environmental regulations. This Back Draught Shutter is designed to meet sustainability standards, ensuring that our products help create a more sustainable and sustainable future.

The Back Draught Shutter be installed both horizontally and vertically?

The Back Draught Shutter’s layout allows for horizontal and vertical installation. This flexibility allows for flexibility in the system’s design and configuration to meet various installation needs and configurations.

Superaircool’s Back Draught Steel Galvanized Shutter is a departure from the conventional function of a component, becoming a complete solution that tackles the primary problems facing HVAC systems. With a relentless commitment to quality, accuracy, and conformity, this product is a symbol of our dedication to not just surpass your expectations as clients. When choosing this Galvanized Back Draught Shutter, HVAC professionals embark on an adventure towards improved efficiency of their systems, sustainability, and a future in which air management is synonymous with quality.


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