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How To Save Money On Heating And Cooling Bills In Commercial Buildings

how to save money on heating and cooling bills in commercial buildings

HVAC systems count for 50 to 60% of energy costs in a building. In overall spending, most of the expenses can be contributed to that. Heating and cooling bills rack up a lot of bills due to minor mistakes. In a residential area, some may accept giving living ion high energy costs, especially in current times. But for commercial buildings and businesses, such a thing could be dangerous. It wouldn’t cost you more than a couple of bucks as it does in your home. It would cost you way more than that. The thing is, saving money when it comes to energy-related expenses is not that hard. There are a lot of things you can do to take reduce energy-related bills.

Here is how you can save money on heating and cooling bills in commercial buildings.

Saving Money On Heating & Cooling Bills:

Tip 1: Install An Efficient HVAC System:

The best way to save money on energy-related costs starts out with a simple action: installing an efficient HVAC system. Assuming that your business is booming or at least earning some moderate profit, you can more than afford a brand-new system catered to your specifications.

Secondhand systems will be cheap, but they will cost you more than a new one over time by a large margin. Many factors can contribute to that fact, including frequent repairs, small replacements, and decreasing efficiency of machines with time. But a new one will eliminate all such headaches, maintaining an acceptable level of efficiency for a long time.

Tip 2: Get Right Sized HVAC System According To Your Requirements:

Getting the right sized HVAC system is of utmost importance, even if you are doing it at the residential level, let alone commercial. Get more significant than the critical system, which will provide less cooling and heating while consuming unnecessary energy. Get a smaller one, and it would try to overcompensate for the left-out margin, consuming energy. Get the right sized one, and it will do everything you expect without overspending the energy for providing you cooling and heating.

Tip 3: Implement Energy Saving Policies:

We know, workplace policies are nightmares. But there is a fine line between implementing a policy and enforcing it like an order that came from heaven. Encourage your workers and employees to adopt such habits that contribute to saving energy. Please don’t force them; instead, remind them gently that the unneeded use of lights and other electronics is not necessary. If someone is not there, then everything should be off. Do provide leeway for exceptional circumstances and hear out the violations properly. For valid reasons, let them off with a gentle warning. Remember, a little encouragement goes a long way to keep your employees happy and profit rolling in.

Tip 4: Lean On Nature:

Nature provides you with abundant resources. Unlimited natural light and ventilation are one of them. So why not use them? Use as much natural lighting as you can during the day. Your decor should match that too. During winters, natural sunlight filtering in will also be another bonus of such techniques. Natural ventilation, if properly implemented, would also help out a lot. If nothing else, you can open your windows and doors when intense cooling is not required.

Tip 5: Go Green:

Renewable energy is just one way to utilize the impact of “going green” to reduce energy bills. Invest in solar panels. If you are building something from scratch, take your architects in confidence. Remember, such innovative buildings that are examples of renewable energy and green initiative are not just giant skyscrapers in the capitals of countries. They can also be 4-story office buildings, like the Pixel building in Australia.

But again, you don’t have to go that far. Simple tips and tricks can achieve the result, too, if followed diligently.

Tip 6: Invest In Insulation:

Insulation in tiny homes can end up saving around 10% of energy bills related to heating and cooling. In a commercial setup, 10% is a lot of cash compared to a residential area. So invest in proper insulation for your building’s framework. If you already have that, like ICF framing, you can go one step further and get polyiso to stop any cooling from escaping through the roof.

Tip 7: Keep Up With The Maintenance:

HVAC maintenance has a lot of advantages when it comes to performance and age. However, in this case, regular maintenance helps you to maintain the efficiency levels of the system to a more than acceptable level for a long time. With no decrease in efficiency, the system would not consume a lot of energy to meet your needs.

Tip 8: Open And Close Blinds And Right Time:

Sometimes, the solution can be a lot simpler. In this case, closing the blinds at the right time. In summer, keep them close during the peak temperature and sun, and lower them when the sunlight’s intensity has faded a little bit. In winter, keep them open as soon as sunlight starts to reach your side of the building to conserve some of the heat and natural light.

Tip 9: Get A New System:

Don’t try and make do with your ancient HVAC system. When its efficiency levels start dipping to unacceptable levels that do not recover even after repairs, it is time to buy a new one. If you try to make do with the old one, all you will end up doing is wasting your time and money. Remember, old is not always gold, and when it comes to technology, old is rarely gold in terms of efficiency.

Here are some other ways you can save money on heating and cooling bills.

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