A/C Brass Manifold Gauge Set

A manifold gauge is used to check the pressure of refrigerants in HVACR systems. It is a necessary tool in order to diagnose if the system is correctly charged with refrigerant as well as to help service any issues.

Product Details:

Manifold gauge set for air conditioning and other refrigeration system pressure detection, pressure-holding and leak detection, refrigerant refilling, etc.
The product is made of high-quality brass, aluminum alloy and rubber, with nice durability, sturdy, wear resistant and corrosion resistant
Equipped with 3pcs refrigerant charging hoses, it has 500/600/800PSI working pressure and 2500/3000/4000PSI burst pressure for R12R22R134AR502 R410refrigerant.
Dual-valve 3-way brass pressure gauge with clear scale and accurate measurement.

a/c brass manifold gauge set
a/c brass manifold gauge set

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