Air Conditioner Remote Control KT-E02

KT-e02, the one-key universal AC remote control, is a cutting-edge product that holds multiple inventions. It offers convenience and comfort with just a single button, making it suitable for people of all ages, including the elderly who will benefit from its large buttons and numeric display. Moreover, this remote control also functions as a thermometer, displaying the room temperature. Therefore, it is the ideal choice for a replacement remote control.

KT-e02 is a universal remote of 4000 in 1, you could use it for both domestic equipment and imported equipment (control 98 percent air-conditioner in the world). Please read this manual and set your remote for your brand before using and we hope it will help you to use this remote.

Product Details:

KT-E02 Universal A/C Remote Control

4000 in 1
One key Nonstop
Nice looking
Memory function
Real automatic search

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