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Air Purifier

Technical Data:

1. Power supply: 110V-250V, ~50/60Hz

2. Consumption power: 35W

3. Noise level: ≤ 55dB

4. Effective area: 35-50m2

5. CADR: 300m3/h


Product Details:

Air Purifier

● Gold panel high-end atmosphere, LCD digital display
● TVOC odor sensor to detect air quality (air quality monitoring in automatic mode, automatic frequency conversion wind speed)
● In addition to formaldehyde, efficient composite HEPA filter to easily remove PM2.5 (can do smoke experiment, 3-5 Fast smoke removal in seconds)
● The honeycomb activated carbon strongly absorbs and decomposes formaldehyde, phenol, smoke, mold in the air, negative ions to refresh your air
● Intelligent automatic mode, three-speed wind speed design, ultra-quiet sleep mode, 8 hours of regular shutdown
● Exquisite touch control, 3000 hours filter replacement reminder function.







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