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Auto AC Air Conditioner Valve Repairing Kit CH-236

CH-236 high quality valve base set for air conditioning in the car.

All in a transparent plastic box, which is a variety of sizes to meet your needs, easy to distinguish size.

Suitable for car air conditioning replacement and maintenance, replacement for cooling valve leaks.

Set includes:  10 x CH-9520C10 valve, CH-9800 valve, R1345x CH-L08 valve, 8 mm low side5x CH-V066 valve, Peugeot / Volvo5x CH-H10 valve, 10 mm high side5x CH-GMH valve, General Motors1x plastic valve key CH-1213P


Product Details:

Sets include 41 pieces:

No. Item Quantity Description
1 CH-9520C 10 Value Cores
2 CH-9800 10 RI34 Value Cores
3 CH-L08 5 8mm Low Side
4 CH-VO66 5 For Peugeo/Volvo
5 CH-HIO 5 10mm High Side
6 CH-GMH 5 For GM High
7 CH-1213P 1 Value Core remover

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