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Boat Form Type Series Air Conditioner Condensate Pump

Boat Form Type Series Air Conditioner Condensate Pump

Performance characteristics
1. Microcomputer water level control is accurate,purely originate, and has applied for multinomial patents in china
2. Shaded pole motor torque force is powerful, and guarantee never block the plpe.
3. Exceptional exotherm protective equipment, with high safety performance.
4.The pump have equipped with overflow failure alarm.
5. Overlarge double-aided impeller and the capability of pollution discharge is powerful.
6. Microsoft computer control system, wipe off the mechanical noise from the pump.
7. The pumps have the function of inverted valve,never cause reverse current because of the circumfluence by drain fall.
8. lsolated heat preservation design-crust don’t have condensation of moisture and sweat.
9.Adopt fireproof material, and fire rating up to UL94V-0

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