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Capillary Thermostat F2000

Capillary thermostat F2000 0/40 is a simple and inexpensive electromechanical thermostat for the temperature control range from 0 to 40 ° C. It consists of a housing with a button for adjusting the desired temperature and an electromechanical assembly in which the expansion of the medium at the top of the capillary leads to a shift of the working contact of the switching power 16 A. Its switching difference varies and ranges from 2 to 3 ° C.

Product Details:

1. Rating voltage: 250V,16A, 50HZ/60HZ
2. Available Operating temperature options(degree Celsius):
-30℃ ~ +30℃; 0℃ ~ +40℃;0℃ ~ +50℃;0℃ ~ +60℃;30℃ ~ +110℃;50℃ ~ +300℃;
3. Used for refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners;
5.Packing: 1pcs with accossories in a small box, 50boxes/Carton

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