CD60 Starting Capacitor

CD60 series aluminum electrolytic capacitor for starting A.C. motor are made of aluminum foil bar as the poles, alumina as dielectric, and semi-solid state electrolyte. All of the components are housed in one compact unit which can be sealed separately in aluminum case, Bakelite, or the ABS case. Standard terminations are lug type, wire or cable type, and non-polarized.

CD60 capacitors are designed with high electrical characteristics and are widely used in single phase A.C. motors with rated voltage of 110 V – 330 V and the frequency of 50 Hz – 60 Hz. CD60 capacitors are often used to get high rotary torque at low starting current and also the motor at a lower starting current under high torque.

Product Details:

The rated voltage range: 110~330VAC Nominal capacity range:20~1500uF
Dissipation factor valve:tgos0.15(20-100Hz)

Durability: +55℃ constant temperature< 160V.29S power after 1each time 1 second accumulative total 75000 times 160 Vquartile.59 S power after 1, each time 1 second accumulative total 30000 times.
Draw out the resistance between voltage:2000VAC,10 seconds no breakdown, no abnormal sound.
The lead and shell of resistance between
voltage: 2000VAC.10 seconds no breakdown. noabnormal sound.
Executing Standards:RS-463EC60252.22003.GB/T3667.2-2008

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