Central Air Conditioning Thermostat Wall Mounted Temperature Control Thermostat Air Conditioning 2 Way with Screw for Fan Coil Unit for Supermarket Room

Product Details:

  • Multiple Working Modes: There are multiple working modes, various wiring methods are available. Optional functions contain single wire (valve stops while the fan not stop) or dual wire (valve stops and the fan stops)
  • Various Toggle Switches: The toggle switches are power switch (ON or OFF); operation mode switch (HEAT or COOL); FAN wind speed switch (low speed 1, medium speed 2, high speed 3)
  • External Embedded Installation: Adopt external embedded installation, standard 86 type installation cassette, easy to install
  • Long Service Life: The thermostat contact is more than 100,000 times at 220V and full load, and the manual operation switch is more than 60,000 times
  • Stable Performance: Come with beautiful appearance, comfortable hand feeling, and stable performance. The temperature sensing component adopts an accurate metal bellows

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