Condenser Air Conditioning Heat Pump Risers

Condenser air conditioning and heat pump risers are perfect for raising the outdoor unit up off the condenser pad. They are often commonly referred to as condenser legs or stands. They are typically used to elevate the system from the potential threat of rain or snow. Risers are also great for providing extra ventilation underneath condensers. Double-sided 3M tape is also provided on the top and bottom to help secure the risers in place. Four are needed; one at each corner to work properly.

Product Details:

Application: Heat pumps and air handlers

Indoor/Outdoor Use: indoor or outdoor

Purpose: Heat Pump Risers provide a sturdy and stable solution for adding elevation to a heat pump or air handler.

Composition: High-pressure injection molded polypropylene -medium gray color. Butyl mastic on the top and bottom guarantees no slipping.

Advantages:The one-piece or two-piece, heavy duty plastic unit is manufactured in two heights – 3″ and 6″ with an optional 4″extension. Thick wall sections and generous reinforcement are employed in the most effective areas, yielding a strong yet lightweight structure. Then estable design allows maximum shipping and storage density, A 3 inch or 6 inch Heat Pump Riser can handle a uniform load of 2000 pounds with no failure.

Maximum Uniform Load: All sizes of Heat Pump Risers can handle a uniform load of 2000 pounds with no failure when installed under the unit in an array of at least four Heat Pump Risers.

Maximum Point Load:  All sizes of Heat Pump Risers can handle a point load,applied to one square inch area in the center of the foot pad recess on the top of the heat pump riser, of less than 300 pounds with no failure.

Directions: Simply peel the release liner from the mastic before placing the Heat Pump Riser and equipment.

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