DT-266 Digital Clamp Multimeter

Multimeter With rugged structure design, good feeling held in the operator’shand and convenient use.
Helps in testing resistance, capacitance, frequency, continuity, diode test andduty cycle measurement
Battery low voltage display.
Can be used for both professional and domestic applications

Product Details:

DT266 Digital Clamp Multimeter
The DT266 Digital Clamp LCD ACDC Voltage Electricity Ampere Measuring Multimeter can help you in troubleshooting electrical issues for both professional and domestic applications. Field service technicians or households can utilize this DT-266 Clamp Meter for basic continuity tests when the fundamental need is to check the flow of electric current through an electric circuit. This way you can easily detect damaged parts, broken conductors, or excessive resistance in a circuit that is open and discontinuous and restricts a seamless flow of the circuit.

The DT-266 Clamp Multimeter also measures voltage to let you know of voltage spikes or under voltage conditions. You can compute the vector sum of the current flowing in a particular conductor and for heavy load wires, you can use the DT-266 Clamp Meter for making heavy ampere or electrical current measurements. LCD Display. The light weight of 331 gm allows you to easily carry the DT-266 Clamp Meter for your diverse field jobs or handle it conveniently at home.

For Field service technicians
For DIY Hobbyist
For both professional and domestic applications
Package Includes:
1 x DT266 Digital Clamp Multimeter

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