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In order to protect the ventilation system from condensation, fire, or to attenuate the noise generated by air flow, various types of thermal insulation are required.

When choosing an insulation system, the following parameters should be taken into account: low thermal conductivity, flammability, high flame resistance – this means low emissions of smoke and combustion drippings in case of fire.

Due to the different requirements for thermal insulation installations, a wide range of insulation materials are available – the most common are glass wool and rock wool, but synthetic rubber is also an alternative solution.

Synthetic rubber has a homogeneous closed-cell structure with excellent airtightness, thus preventing condensation. The high flexibility of synthetic rubber makes it easy to install on almost any pipe or fitting, but for a quicker solution, we offer HVAC spiral pipes and fittings with rubberized foam insulation already installed. As a result, we can save time when assembling the insulation system at the construction site.

Although rubberized insulation may seem like a more expensive solution, it is worth considering because of its remarkable resistance to UV rays, humidity, and temperature changes (and therefore an excellent solution for air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems).


Quick assembly of insulation elements,
Low insulation thickness and high insulation performance,
Ideal for ventilation systems, including HRVs and ducted air conditioners.
Can be used where insulation cannot be added after ductwork is assembled.

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