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ETC-974 Mini Temperature Controller Refrigerator Thermostat

ETC-974 Mini Temperature Controller Refrigerator Thermostat Regulator Thermoregulator NTC Sensor

ETC-974 is the temperature controller for cold storage, low-temperature freezer, kitchen refrigerator. It can totally replace Eliwell ID 974.
(1)Probe type switch between PTC and NTC;
(2)Evaporator probe could be disabled;
(3)Display switch between integer and decimal;
(4)Display switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Product Details:

1. Working conditions:
1.1.Power supply: 230VAC+10% 50/60Hz1.2. Rated current of the relays (refrigeration, defrost and fan): 8A/220VAC1.3.Use temperature: -5°C ~55°CRelative humidity: 10% ~90% RH(not condensing1.4.Storage temperature: -30°C ~85°C
2.1. Product: Length 77x Width 34.5 x Depth 58 (mm)2.2.Mounting size: Length 71 x Width 29 (mm)2.3 Probe wire length: 2M (including the probe)
3.Technical Parameters:
3.1.Temperature controlling range: NTC probe: -50…110C(-58…230°F)3.2. Display resolution: 1°C/0.1°C (With the switch mode between integer and decimal)3.3.Accuracy:NTC:0.5C(-30C-50°C),others,+1°C3.4.Probe type: NTC(-50C~120C)

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