Fire Rated Air Valves (Supply/Extract) for Ventilation Syst​ems​

The Fire Rated Air Valve is manufactured from White Epoxy Coated Powder Coated Steel. The valve has a male spigot to fit inside a ducting 100/125/150 system depending on selection.

Product Details:

Where a ceiling is a fire-separating element it needs to be protected in accordance with Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. Once a hole is made in a ceiling for an air valve, the integrity of the construction and its ability to perform in a fire is reduced significantly. This must be fire stopped to reinstate the original fire rating of the ceiling to prevent the rapid and spread of both smoke and fire through fire compartments.

An integral red intumescent disc will react in the event of a fire and expand to fill the penetration created by the hole in the ceiling, to provide the protection required to help protect the building and to allow the safe evacuation of its occupants. DuctStation fire rated air valves will provide 60 minutes of fire protection.

Ventilation Air Valves are mainly used as terminals for Mechanical Ventilation Systems (MEV or MVHR). Valves are adjustable by rotating the central baffle (or disc) and a locking nut permits accurate balancing of air volume.

All products meet the highest standards of quality and are available in White Epoxy Coated Steel (RAL 9010 and RAL9016 as standard). Our ventilation air valves include collars to fix directly to a round duct.

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