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Ventilation duct G-clamps are part of the HVAC duct fittings used to secure duct flange profiles to connect two rectangular ducts.

Ventilation duct G-clamps, also called Duct Flange G-clamps or Air Duct clamps,  are widely used in HVAC and air conditioning installation, like rectangular ductwork projects and connecting rectangular air conditioning ducts. All Ventilation Duct G-clamps are delivered with pre-installed M8 x 25mm screws.

air duct universal flange g clamp

SuperAir is a professional ventilation mounting accessories manufacturer and supplier in China, engaged in the design, complete installation, and metal component production of ventilation projects. We specialize in HVAC products, especially Ventilation Ductwork and Air Conditioning Installation. We have more than 30 semi-automatic and automatic stamping machines with capacities from 16 to 500 tons. Our manufacturing processes include blanking, punching, bending, forming, deep drawing, cold rolled sheet, hot rolled sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, and other raw materials processing…


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