Galvanised Banding Strap

Galvanised Banding Strap is suitable for fixing, supporting, and bundling cables, lighting, trunking, pipes, ductwork, etc.
Supplied in 10meters length, it is easy to cut and bend into any shape.

Product Details:

Galvanised Banding Strap

Galvanised Banding Strap is a very popular attachment option as there are countless ways to use it in the building, mechanPical services, and installation industries. Most of our customers use it to hang pipes, such as spiral pipe range, its flexibility and strength also make it perfect for fixing or bundling pipes and cables, and the pre-drilled holes make it very easy to attach to any surface. The strapping is easily cut to the right length with a tin or wire cutter, which is convenient and prevents any waste. It comes on a spool to prevent tangling.



  • Product feature And Application

    Dispenser Perforated Bands always come in 10m per rolls with a plastic dispenser which can be collected and handled easily
    ● Highly Flexible
    ● Comes in easy-to-use reel
    ● Pre-drilled holes for easy securing and attachment
    ● Easily cut to length for convenience and no wastage
    ● Can also do Plastic dipping process on the surface

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