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HVAC Dual Pressure Control Switch

Pressure control is required in a variety of HVAC applications to either maintain the system at a given pressure setpoint or to prevent disasters from occurring when the system pressure moves outside of its design limits.

Dual Pressure Controls combine the functions of a single high-pressure limit control and a single low-pressure control in one unit with a single pole, single throw (SPST) switch.

Product Details:

Features and Benefits

  • Convertible feature allows selection of manual or reset function when operating at high pressure
  • A wide range of high-pressure manual or automatic reset controls can be replaced
  • A high-pressure limit is combined with suction pressure sensing to provide temperature control and/or pump down
  • High-limit adjustment screw
  • Low-pressure differential and range adjusting screws
  • Selector screw for manual or automatic
  • Reset button
  • Low-pressure scale plate
  • High-impact plastic cover with center mount screw
  • High-pressure scale plate
  • Color-coded for easy identification of pressure line


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