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HVAC High and Low Pressure Switch

Pressure switch (also known as pressure controller) is a relatively advanced micro switch in the world. It is used in heat pumps, oil pumps, air pumps, air-conditioning refrigeration units and other equipment that needs to adjust the pressure of the medium by itself to protect the pressure system.

Product Details:

hvac high and low pressure switch
hvac high and low pressure switch

1. It is made of internationally advanced pressure sensor and stainless steel bellows, with stable performance, high pressure precision and superior sealing performance.

2. Extremely high precision, long working life (more than 100,000 times), adopting international advanced welding technology and equipment, superior sealing performance and no leakage.

3. Suitable for different fluid media and corrosive media.

4. Working pressure can be produced according to user requirements, pressure range:-100kpa~10Mpa

5. Working temperature: Ambient temperature: -20℃~80℃ Medium temperature: -40℃~125℃

5. Switch contact type: SPST NC single-pole single-throw normally closed or SPST NO single-pole single-throw normally open or SPDT NO+NC single-pole double-throw normally open + normally closed or DPDT double-pole double-throw (the appropriate switch contact can be selected according to user requirements Type).

6. Installation size: small and exquisite appearance, convenient installation, wiring and interface types can be customized according to user requirements.

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