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Insulated Aluminium Flexible Ducts

The SuperAir can supply various flaxible ducts,including Non-insulated aluminium flexible air ducts with single aluminum foil,Non-insulated aluminium flexible air ducts with double aluminum foil,Insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts,square Insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts,Thermally and acoustically insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts, PVC Flexible air duct, Non-insulated aluminium rectangular flexible,Insulated a luminium rectangular flexible,floor air duct,round steel air duct,panel air duct,and their accessories. Welcome to buy Insulated Aluminium Flexible Ducts from us. Every request from customers is being replied within 24 hours.

Product Details:

1.Product Introduction

The SuperAir Insulated Aluminum Flexible Duct, ISO is specifically produced for low and medium pressure heating, cooling, ventilation,exhaust and air conditioning systems. Insulated aluminium flexible air ducts(multilayer) are produced from multi layer aluminium strengthened with high tension hard steel spring wire. Insulated aluminium flexible air ducts has high elasticity and flexibility.They can be easily fitted to circular,oval or rectangular connectors.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Properties ISO2.0 ISO3.0 ISO6.0
Inner Duct ALU2.0 ALU3.0 ALU6.0
Outer Jacket Alu Jacket 2.0 Alu Jacket 2.0 Alu Jacket 2.0
Diameter 80mm-610mm 80mm-610mm 80mm-610mm
Temperature -30/150°C -30/150°C -30/150°C
Max Air Velocity 30m/sec 30m/sec 30m/sec
Pressure 2500Pa 3000Pa 3000Pa
Standard Length 10m 10m 10m

3.Product Feature And Application

Full range of flexible thermal insulated ducting for preventing condensation when there’s temperature difference in airflow of ventilation system. Helpful for reducing heat & cool loss and preventing condensation.Insulation: standard 16kg/m³ quality insulation glass wool and 32kg/m³ glass wool is also available. Packing: individual carton packing or individual PE bag packing.

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