KT-E03 Universal A/C Remote Control

KT-e03 is a high-tech product with several inventions. It is a one-key universal AC remote control that allows you to enjoy comfort with just one key, whether it’s summer or winter. The case has a fluent tie-in and gorgeous line, which is not only suitable for the youth but also for the elderly due to its big buttons, big screen, and big words. The function buttons are located inside the sliding cover, and there is an outside button specifically designed for children. The remote also has a design of differentiation senseless dots, which is suitable for the blind. KT-e03 is a universal remote that can control 98 percent of air conditioners in the world, including both domestic and imported equipment (4000 in 1). Additionally, the remote has a clock, timer on and off, room temperature, and conversions between Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

Product Details:

KT-E03 Universal A/C Remote Control


1.One-key nonstop function

2.Clock set up


4.Celsius and Fahrenheit available

5.Thermometer function


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