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Ventilation Metal Supply Air Disc Valves

Ningbo SuperAir is a professional China AIR CONDITIONING/ VENTILATION Manufacturer and supplier. We do customized HVAC products, providing our customers with high quality, innovative products for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industries. And, welcome to wholesale and buy Double Threaded Screw from our companies, we will provide you with a competitive price. Ventilation Metal Supply Air Disc Valves, SV made of polymer-coated steel. Special aerodynamic disk valve design ensures uniform air distribution. Smooth air pass regulation due to rotation of central part of the damper. Equipped with a mounting flange for easy connection to round Ø 100-200 mm air ducts. Mounting flange is fixed to false ceiling with screws. The internal part has a sealing ring for more tight fit.

Product Details:

Ventilation Metal Supply Air Disc Valves

1.Product Introduction

The SuperAir frame & disc are high quality galvanized sheet construction with powder coating of RAL colors. Disc is fixed to the frame by threaded rod. Air flow can be adjusted by regulating the cone up and down(+A or -A). Foam gasket is sealed around the back of the frame to avoid the air leakage. Disc valves are best suited to air distribution systems handling relatively low air flow rates within small circular duct work. It is recomm-ened for air supplying of small space,exha-ust of greasy and damp air in damp areas such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens. It can be mounted in the wall, ceiling or exposed to air ducts with mounting rings.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)

Metal Supply Air Valve, SV


SV A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) H(mm)
80 79 105 115 50 7
100 98 125 137 50 7
125 123 150 164 50 7
160 148 175 202 50 7
160 159 185 212 50 7
200 198 225 248 50 7
2S0 248 290 305 50 7


3.Product Feature And Application

1 Designed for surface mounting in plaster or other ceiling material where a flat, overlapping border is required
2 The diffuser delivers supply air in a true 360 degree radial horizontal air pattern
3 Inner cone sub-assembly features a special lock arrangement for fast, easy installation and removable without special tools
4 Removable core is standard for maintenance purpose
5 For supply and exhaust ventilation, air conditioning and air heating systems. Mounting in false ceilings or walls.

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