Plastic access door

Featherlight for Streamlined Installations: Plastic access door is highly practical and easy to transport due to its lightweight construction. Unlike other access doors,Plastic access door requires no installation tools; just glue it in!

High-Impact Plastic: Despite Plastic access door’s lightweight composition, this model is robust and impact resistant.

UV Stabilized for Enhanced Durability: Plastic access door is UV stabilized for greater resistance to sunrays, general wear and tear, and corrosion due to moisture.

Detachable Door for Hands-Free Operation: This model features concealed snap latches so you can pop off the door for simplified access, perfect for covering utilities.

Clean, Simple, and Aesthetically Pleasing: Plastic access door will blend seamlessly with various surfaces due to its low-profile and straightforward design that is easy on the eyes with a thicker frame and rounded corners.

Plastic access door offers tremendous value to various construction professionals due to its aesthetic design and economical price point. Plastic access door expertly conceals unsightly utilities in office spaces and can add RV storage and baggage compartments with a beautiful flush installation.

Your Plastic access door Flush Plastic Access Panel comes out of the box, ready to install. Due to its plastic composition, this model will blend in perfectly with campers, motorhomes, and as a conventional RV access panel. However, BA-PA-3000 is also easily painted or textured to blend with any surface!

Product Details:

Plastic access doors such as Best Access Doors’ BA-PA-3000 Flush Plastic Access Panel are the economical alternative to aluminum, stainless, and cold rolled steel options. Plastic access panels, comprised entirely of styrene, offer the advantage of being lightweight and easily transportable, with exceptional and practical qualities. The BA-PA-3000 access door is lightweight, easy to install, and provides immediate access to electrical, plumbing, and HVAC components. BA-PA-3000 is also suitable for use as a jacuzzi tub access panel. The easy-to-wipe Styrene plastic does not absorb water so it’s a great choice for areas typically exposed to splashing.

Plastic Access Panels have a low profile, ideally suited for interior wall installations for a barely noticeable, expert finish. This model offers hassle-free access to commercial and office spaces and Recreational Vehicles (RVs). Ask your RV Service and Repair Technician to install an RV access panel to add storage space in your motorhome, camper, trailer, or fifth wheel!

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