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The SuperAir Plastic Floor Grille Boots, PBS is the SuperAir plastic diffuser& grille is designed for ceiling exhaust or supply air applications. It is made from impact-resistant UV-stabilised ABS. Suitable with a large range of wall-mounted and in-line fans. Adjustable concentric cone -Achieves better air distribution.

1.Product Introduction

The SuperAir Plastic Floor Grille Boots, PBS is made from black,blow-moulded plastic with internal pivot damper for adjustable air volume control. Suits metal and plastic Floor vents with below listed dimensions. Subfloor or wall mountable. Create a right-angle, center-end transition from the system run to an air register. Ideal for situations where the opening in the floor runs parallel to the floor joists and header. Installs with sheet-metal screws. Insulate ductwork for system efficiency and comfort. Seal seams with code-approved mastic, sealant or duct tape (not included).

plastic boot
plastic boot

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