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Phenolic pre-insulated duct panel has a very unique design that makes it look like a window compared to other similar products. They also have a layer of insulation on the inside and outside to avoid heat loss, as this type of panel is mainly used in commercial buildings, usually factories or large public buildings.

Phenolic pre-insulated duct panel is a new product with insulating properties and multiple advantages. It also helps reduce heat transfer and noise transfer. Made from phenolic material, the panels are an insulating material, which means they can easily withstand fires that spread throughout the building.

Our phenolic pre-insulated duct panels consist of two layers of aluminum foil with a middle layer of phenolic foam. We supply phenolic pre-insulated air duct panels to customers across the globe. We provide customers with a full range of diversified air duct products at very competitive prices, bringing customers an unforgettable experience.


pre insulated duct panel
pre insulated duct panel

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