Reciprocating Compressor Cubigel

Cubigel reciprocating compressor are for Water Coolers, Can/Bottle Coolers, Small Refrigerators, Large and Small Freezers, Ice Cream Freezers, Vending Machines, Beer Dispensers, Soft Drink Dispensers, Ice Makers, Display Cabinets, Blast Freezers, Air Dryers, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps

Product Details:

reciprocating compressor cubigel
reciprocating compressor cubigel

Cubigel Compressors supplies the most complete range of compressors for every commercial application, focusing on a high quality product strategy with the development of a strong R&D, an enhanced know-how and expertise along with efficient production platforms to provide a broad range of solutions to the refrigeration industry.

Cubigel compressor series includine: Samll L Range/B Range/U range/L Range/P Range/X Range/S Range/Condensing Units

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