Reciprocating Compressor Secop

The Secop reciprocating compressors packs a mighty punch in a small package. Compact design, efficient motors, and low energy consumption are the main features in hermetic compressors that build on over 60 years of reliability and quality.


Product Details:

Fixed-Speed Compressors for AC Voltage
Our hermetic refrigeration compressors program for fixed AC voltages ranging from 115 V to 240 V consist of the types P / D / T / N / F / S / G-Series and K-Series (formerly KAPPA) compressors. These compressors are designed for household or light commercial applications. Secop hermetically reciprocating compressors are designed for refrigeration systems using the designated refrigerants R600a (isobutane), R290 (propane), R134a, R404A/R507, and R407C.
Variable-Speed Compressors for AC Voltage
Secop variable-speed AC compressor motors are electronically controlled. Full load operation is extremely rare in most cooling applications, restricted to a few days per year. That is why Secop builds variable-speed control into the DLV, NLV and SLV/E-Series. This unique technology makes capacity automatically adapt to your actual requirement. The compressor runs at low speed most of the time, minimizing energy consumption. On top of this, system efficiency is greatly improved thanks to reduced loss when less heat is transferred via the evaporator and condenser. Altogether, substantial energy savings can be obtained. Secop variable-speed compressors are designed for refrigeration systems using the designated refrigerants R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane).
DC-Powered Variable-Speed Compressors
The Secop variable-speed DC-powered BD compressors (battery driven) program is intended for use in mobile and stationary applications, for example, portable cooling boxes, boats, caravans, trucks, parking cooling in trucks, vans, buses, and battery and shelter cooling in telecom stations. Due to the low power consumption and the option for a wide-supply voltage range, the compressors are also suitable for stationary applications powered by photovoltaic solar panels or fuel cells. Secop DC-powered compressors are designed for connection to 12 V – 24 V DC and 48 V DC power supply and for refrigerant types R600a (isobutane) and R290 (propane), R134a, R404A/R507, and prepared for R1234yf.

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