Product Details:

PORTABLE AND COMPACT – Compact design makes this ac recovery unit easy to transport while the design has its own eye-catching appearance; Durable and reliable, the VIVOHOME refrigerant recovery machine will quickly become your favorite choice
HIGH EFFICIENCY RECOVERY – This compressor has a maximum recovery speed of 3/4 HP that quickly recovers vapor and liquid refrigerants; Guaranteed to deliver an outstanding recovery performance
HIGH PRESSURE SHUT-OFF FUNCTION – Equipped with a high-pressure shut-off switch, the machine is safe and reliable to use; When the pressure inside the system is above 38.5 bar, the compressor will automatically shut off to ensure safe operation and protect the machine from damage
FILTER DRIER – Comes with a filter drier to remove moisture and acidic substances in the air; The filter is replaceable
MULTIPLE USES – This air conditioning recovery unit is suitable for most kinds of refrigerants, including R12, R22, R134A, R401A, R410A, R401C, R406A, R502, etc; It also can be used for a wide number of different automotive units

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