Refrigeration Flaring Tool CT-103

Refrigeration Tool 45 Degree Flaring Tool CT-103 for Copper Tube:

CT-103A: For 3/4″, 7/8″ & 1″ O.D.

CT-103M: For 22mm,25mm&28mm O.D.

Product Details:


For use with soft copper, aluminum and brass tubing.

Faceted, hard chrome-finished cone rolls out perfect 45°flares above die block-then automatically burnishes flare face.

Original wall thickness is maintained at base of flare.

New slip-on yoke permits use in tight quarters where there is little space between nut and tube end.

Item No. Description
CT-195A 45° Flaring Tool For 3/161/4″5/16″,3/8″、7/16″.1/2″& 5/8”O.D.
CT-103A 45° Flaring Tool For 3/4″、7/8″&1″O.D.
CT-203 45° Flaring Tool For 5/8″、3/4″、7/8& 1-1/8”O.D.
CT-525F Grabber Flaring Tool For 3/16″to 5/8”& 5mm to 16mm O.D.
CT-526F Grabber Flaring Tool For 3/16″to 3/4”&5mm to19mm O.D.
CT-500 Blocks Type Flaring Tool For 3/16″、1/4″、5/16″、3/8″、1/2”& 5/8”O.D.
CT-505 Blocks Type Flaring Tool For 3/16″,1/4”、5/16″、3/8″、1/2”、5/8″& 3/4”O.D.

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