Refrigeration Grabber Flaring Tool CT-525F

The 525-F is a unique, self-adjusting, tube holding mechanism permits flaring any size tubing within the range of 3/16” to 5/8” (4.75 mm to 16 mm) O.D.

Product Details:


Innovative, single-opening design is more compact and easier to use than conventional multi-opening flaring bars.
Faceted, hardened steel, chrome finished cone rolls out and burnishes perfect 45° flare above the tube-holding mechanism reducing need for deburring. Original wall thickness is maintained at base of flare.
Slip-on self-centering yoke permits use in tight quarters. Large handle, with better leverage, and precision threads on feed screw make flaring effortless. High quality construction with satin chrome and black finish.
How to use:
(1)Insert tubing into adjustable opening of tube-holding assermbly. Position end oftubing approximately 1/8″above the surfa ce of holder.
(2)Tighten damp screw approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a turn beyond free travel positionto secure tubing.
(3)Be certain flaring cone surface is oiled. Slip yoke over tube-holding assembly centering on tubing. Twist yoke dock wise to lock in position. Tum yoke handle clockwise to flare.
Item No. Description
CT-195A 45° Flaring Tool For 3/161/4″5/16″,3/8″、7/16″.1/2″& 5/8”O.D.
CT-103A 45° Flaring Tool For 3/4″、7/8″&1″O.D.
CT-203 45° Flaring Tool For 5/8″、3/4″、7/8& 1-1/8”O.D.
CT-525F Grabber Flaring Tool For 3/16″to 5/8”& 5mm to 16mm O.D.
CT-526F Grabber Flaring Tool For 3/16″to 3/4”&5mm to19mm O.D.
CT-500 Blocks Type Flaring Tool For 3/16″、1/4″、5/16″、3/8″、1/2”& 5/8”O.D.
CT-505 Blocks Type Flaring Tool For 3/16″,1/4”、5/16″、3/8″、1/2”、5/8″& 3/4”O.D.

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