Refrigeration tools hand torch RTM-30


Product Details:

Self Lighting Brazing Hand Torch RTM 030

  • Quick self-lighting
  • Brazes / Solders
  • Swirl flame , variable flame control, rapid heat-up, less use!
  • Tip swivels 360°
  • Generates more heat than other hand torches
  • 4-interlocking safety button, reliable to use
  • Fine regulating valve. Precise flame adjustment.
  • Easy and safe combustion point
  • Comfortable handling
  • Long service life
  • Designed for propane and mapp
  • Τ34 –  tip for pipe soldering up to 9,7 mm


For soldering and brazing

Applied in the field chemical, refrigeration, household electric appliance and jewelcrafting.

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