Refrigerator Compressor Long Starter Relay

The Long Starter Relay combined Relay with Overload Protector, for refrigeration motors or compressors Replacement for Danfoss, Embraco, RRC-16 and others.


Product Details:

Use: The combined relay is one of the most used components for the protection of single-phase hermetic motors or compressors, against weak and prolonged overloads. They are mainly used in refrigerators, refrigerators, water coolers, some ice machines, in small supermarket display cases, etc
Characteristics: Starting relay with thermal protector for alternating or direct current. It is important to properly choose the relay according to the power of the motor or compressor, otherwise the equipment will not work properly or simply will not start
Benefits: Optimizes the durability of motors or compressors, avoiding operation in abnormal heating conditions or unforeseen system shutdowns

Capacity(HP Voltage
1/8HP 115V/220V
1/6HP 115V/220V
1/5HP 115V/220V
1/4HP 115V/220V
1/3HP 115V/220V
1/2HP 115V/220V

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