Rotary Compressor for Air conditioner Highly

Highly Compressor are mostly for Normal Room Air conditioners and dehumidifier.
Beside normal room air conditioner industry, HIGHLY is the first and most professional rotary compressor manufacturer developed full range products for different applications, including compressor for heat pump water heater, battery bin cooling and cabinet cooling, base station A/C, CRAC and data center A/C of telecommunication industry and other special industry air conditioners.

Product Details:

Stride into the new century, HIGHLY has made the planning of sustainable development, takes improving people’s living environment, protecting the human living environment as sacred duty and mission, pull off the strategic development goal on ” largest scale, advanced technology, variety is most, newest management “, strive for the global supplier of air condition Highly compressor.
1. High Efficiency
2. Large capacity range
3. Low-vibration, smooth running
4. Low noise level, Low-priced
5. Compact design

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