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Rotary Compressor for Air Conditioner Sanyo

Sanyo compressors take a leading position in current industry of medium and mini type refrigerating machine, and of compressors used in air-conditioners, mainly applied in such fields as food display of refrigeration and cold storage, commercial refrigeration warehouses, split air-conditioners, and mini-packaged air conditioners. Sanyo compressors receive high reputation for its compact design, low noise and reliable operation due to high-precision processing center where the compressor parts are processed and a lot of test device with high performance, which guarantee that our products reach internationally first-class standards.

Product Details:

Sanyo compressors mainly include semi-hermetic compressors for commercial refrigeration, scroll compressors for commercial air-conditioners, rotary compressors units, various types of both semi-hermetic and scroll condensing units.

Product Parameter (Specification)
Sanyo C-SB,
Sanyo C-SC,
Sanyo C-SD

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