Round Duct Silencer, RS

HVAC Galvanized Steel Spiral Duct Fitting Round Duct Silencer

Product Details:

Round Duct Silencer, RS

The Round Duct Silencer is part of the Spiral fitting range; RS is with factory-installed EPDM rubber gaskets.  The double gasket ensures tight and permanent connections between system components that are air-tight and do not require the use of mastic or sealant.

  • Saves time – quick and easy installation
  • Air-tight – no risk of leakage due to the class D rated EPDM rubber gaskets
  • Neat – ideal for exposed areas, as no need to use sealants
  • The inner casing is made of perforated sheet steel
  • Inside filled with sound-absorbent Fiberglass Wool



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