Rubber Support Foot

Fix-It Foot Roof Support is a rubber foot with a 41x21mm aluminum strut pre-inserted for quick and easy installation.

Product Details:

Fix it foot Roof Support-Rubber Support Foot

Fix-It Foot Roof Support is a rubber foot with a 41x21mm aluminum strut pre-inserted for quick and easy installation. The foot can support pipework and ductwork, cable tray, condenser units, split, or VRV aircon system. It is available in lengths from 250mm up to 1m.

Made from durable recycled rubber,  they are UV-stabilized and environmentally friendly, offering both vibration and noise absorption. They are suitable for internal or external applications in temperatures between -35°C to + 80°C.

Benefits of Fix it Foot Roof Support

The stability and durability of your roof greatly depend on the roof support systems, which play a role in any building infrastructure. Finding the perfect solution is vital to ensure your roof stays strong and reliable for long.

One innovative product that has been gaining popularity in recent years is the Fix it Foot roof support.

What is Fix It Foot Roof Support?

Fix it Foot Roof Support is a flexible rubber support used for many different support systems, which provides stability for uses, including air conditioning units supporting, securing pipes, cable installations, and similar setups. Its primary goal is to ensure a steady base of support enhancing the safety and durability of the elements it supports.

Fix it Foot, also called support block, when used together with the support block creates a combination that guarantees stability and lasting performance for your roof. Contractors and builders favor its versatility and durability as it effectively improves the integrity of their equipment.



Model Height (mm) Length (mm)
Fix-it Foot 250 90 250
Fix-it Foot 400 90 400
Fix-it Foot 450 90 450
Fix-it Foot 600 90 600
Fix-it Foot 1000 90 1000
Fix-it Foot Low 450 60 450
Fix-it Foot Low 500 60 500

Advantages of Fix It Foot Support System

  1. The Fix it Foot Roof Support System is designed to meet the requirements of roofing projects whether you’re handling minor repairs or large-scale installations. Its strength lies in its support, for pipework systems, efficient management of ductwork runs, and secure anchoring of cable trays. This comprehensive support guarantees that your roofing structure is not only well maintained but also reinforced for lasting durability and safety.


  1. A standout attribute of Fix it Foot is its intelligently engineered design, eliminating the necessity to penetrate the waterproof membrane. Taking this approach ensures that your roof stays in condition effectively avoiding any leaks or water-related harm. This means that your roofing system remains strong and protected against weather conditions offering lasting security.


  1. Its ability to withstand UV rays makes it suitable for a range of applications whether used indoors or outdoors. Regardless of the environmental challenges, you can rely on Fix it Foot to be resilient even in the face of the harshest elements. This makes it a dependable choice for long-term support and stability in roofing projects.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is Fix It Foot suitable for both residential and commercial roofing projects?

Absolutely, Fix it Foot can be used for both home and business roofs. It works for all kinds of roofing jobs.

Q: Is Fix It Foot coming in one piece or pairs?

We are selling them in pairs and will pack 2 pcs per box.

Q: Will the accessories come together?

Yes, each Fix It Foot will come with bubble level, bolts, and nuts.

Q: We have a sample, can you customize it for us?

Sure, we can customize it according to your samples or drawings, contact us to talk more.

Q: Is the Fix It Foot UV resistant?

Yes, the roof support system is made to be UV-resistant. So, it’s really good to use for things like roofs and items that are outside. It won’t get damaged by the sun and will last a long time.

Q: Can I use Fix It Foot in wet or humid environments?

Fix It Foot can withstand various environmental conditions, including wet and humid environments.

Q; Do you supply in bulk?

Sure! If you need a lot of Big Foot Fix-it Foot, multi-support, support block, or any other product, you can get a bunch all at once. Just click on this link and ask for a price quote.

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