Self-Adhesive Pins

Self Adhesive Pin

Product Details:

Self-Adhesive Pins

Self-Adhesive Pins – the simple way to fix insulating materials

  • Self-Adhesive Pins are a simple and easy solution to help you fix insulating materials.
  • Provides a quick mechanical fixing.
  • Suitable for ceilings, ensure that the insulation is in place before the plasterboard is fixed.
  • Stops the insulation from dropping before the plasterboard is fixed.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Fastens insulation material quickly.
  • Robust and easy to use.
  • Supplied with fixing disc and plastic cap

How to use pins to fix insulation

  • Simply peel off the adhesive backing.
  • Stick the pins to the surface on which the insulation is to be placed.
  • Remove the fixing disc.
  • Place the insulating material and push the insulating material onto the pin.
  • Push the fixing disc onto the pin.
  • Important tip – add a cover or bend the pin over to avoid it stabbing someone.
  • Now that your insulation is hanging, don’t worry about it falling out.
  • Super sticky, so if you stick them in the wrong place, good luck getting them off!


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