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Semi-hermetic Compressors Bitzer

Bitzer Semi-hermetic compressors use a cast iron casing for the essential parts. The motor and compressor are still housed together, but they can be accessed as needed. This enables maintenance checks and repair or replacement of parts as they degrade rather than a total failure of the system.

Product Details:

The ECOLINE range is the creative advancement of the proven, robust and powerful semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors from BITZER. Bizer semi-hermetic compressors combines high efficiency, smooth running, a wide range of applications, and flexibility in refrigerant selection, solid design and high reliability. The ECOLINE range is available across our full range of products

Bizer Semi-hermetic 2 stage compressors:
Extreme low temperature applications with evaporation temperatures as low as –70°C are high demanding for the compressor. The 2-stage compressor series is accordingly robust, reliable and flexible for use with various refrigerants. To further increase capacity and efficiency, the compressors are also available with optional liquid subcooler integrated at the factory.

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