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Silver solder flux is a type of flux specifically designed for use with silver soldering or brazing processes. It is a chemical compound that helps facilitate the flow and adhesion of the silver solder to the metal surfaces being joined.


Product details:

  1. Product Introduction

Silver Solder Flux is a specialized flux used in silver soldering applications. It is designed to facilitate the bonding of silver solder to metal surfaces, ensuring a strong and reliable joint. The flux is formulated with a combination of chemicals that help to remove oxides and impurities from the metal surfaces, allowing the solder to flow and adhere properly.

Silver Solder Flux is commonly used in jewelry making, plumbing, and electrical applications where a high-strength bond is required. It is suitable for use on various metals, including silver, copper, brass, and stainless steel. The flux comes in a paste or liquid form, making it easy to apply to the joint area.

When using Silver Solder Flux, it is important to clean the surfaces to be soldered and apply a thin layer of flux evenly. The flux will then activate when heated, creating a chemical reaction that promotes the flow of solder and ensures a strong bond. After soldering, any excess flux should be cleaned off to prevent corrosion.

  1. Product Parameter (Specification)/
  1. Product Feature And Application

Feature:Cleaning of joining metals during brazing and soldering

High-temperature metal joining processes

Prevents oxidation of base and filler materials

Use as a wetting agent during the soldering process

Reduces the surface tension of molten solder, allowing it to better wet the parts to be joined


Refrigerator accessories, compressor, stone and wood cutter, automobile accessories, glass frame, ornament and jewelry, electric apparatus, hardware tools, etc.

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