Single One Way Manifold Gauge Aluminum Low Pressure

The single manifold gauges are devices that measure the amount of refrigerant or gas in a cooling system, such as the refrigerator in your kitchen or an air-conditioning unit that cools a room.


Product Details:

Manifold gauge sets, sometimes called HVAC gauges or refrigeration gauges, diagnose and repair refrigerators or cooling systems. They measure both low- and high-refrigerant pressure with either digital or mechanical gauges to troubleshoot issues such as leaks or to help when evacuating and recharging a system.

  • Model: CT-466L (Low pressure)
  • Valve material: high molecular copper, aluminum
  • Handwheel material: aluminum
  • Color: Blue (Low pressure) / Red (High pressure)
  • Guage pressure range: Blue: 0-35bar / Red: 0-55bar
  • Connector: 1/4″ SAE
  • Gauge size: approx. 70*30mm (D*T)
  • Total size: approx. 135*115*50mm
  • Single manifold gauge with aluminum handwheel.
  • Aluminum body, built-in sight glass.
  • With durable rubber gauge cover for added support and protection.
  • Designed to meet 1/4″ standard SAE requirement for refrigerant permutation.
  • Screw on design, easy to use.
  • Easy to read.
  • Stable and durable.
  • Complete diagnostic and service gauge for use on air conditioning systems (automotive / home).
  • Specially designed for air condition or other refrigerants.
  • Fit for R134A R22 R404A R410A.

How to use a single mainfold:

  1. Connect hose below gauge to system being charged.
  2. Connect other hose to refrigerant tank.
  3. Open valve to put refrigerant into system.
  4. Close valve to read pressure in A/C system.
  5. Note: when valve is open, pressure on gauge will rise rapidly


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