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Slide Damper-Automatic

Product Details:

Compressed air actuated automatic damper, direct connection. The microswitch can be mounted on dampers with a diameter of up to 180 mm, while the cylinder sensor is suitable for all sizes.


The automatic damper AUDA is a compressed air driven damper that closes quickly. Since the damper opens and closes automatically, the exhaust fan is always focused on the connection, extraction point or machine in use. This maximizes pumping pressure and reduces energy consumption. Additionally, it creates cleaner end products and machines, cleaner floors and a healthier work environment.


Air tightness is achieved through the use of flexible rubber gaskets and sealing rings. For sizes larger than 200 mm diameter, only sealing rings are supplied. Standard dampers are heat resistant up to +80°C. If higher temperatures are required, Teflon sealed couplings can be used. Operating pressure is 6-10 bar.


Depending on the diameter, the damper is opened and closed by one or two cylinders.


The cylinder is operated via a solenoid valve connected to the machine or switch. For example, with a microswitch mounted on the damper, the fan can be turned on or off when the damper is opened or closed.

slide damper automatic
slide damper automatic

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