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Jubilee Metal Quick Release Clamps

The SuperAir can supply Jubilee Metal Quick Release Clamps,including Non insulated aluminium flexible air ducts with single aluminum foil, Non-insulated aluminium flexible air ducts with double aluminum foil, Insulated aluminium flexible air ducts, square Insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts, Thermally and acoustically insulated Aluminium flexible air ducts, PVC Flexible air duct, Non-insulated aluminium rectangular flexible, Insulated aluminium rectangular flexible, floor air duct, round steel air duct, panel air duct, and their accessories.



Product Details:

Jubilee Metal Quick Release Clamps

1.Product Introduction

The SuperAir Jubilee Metal Quick Release Clamps are heavy duty quick release duct clamps are designed to exceed 80 inch-pounds of torque. They are easy to use and provide a very strong, durable hold on pipes and hoses. They feature a high quality stainless steel band with a zinc plated tightening screw for fast and hassle-free installation and removal. Which locks into position once the clip is fastened. The strong housing design ensures a higher maximum tightening torque than other quick release designs and the screw fitting requires no specialist tools to install, making installation quicker and more cost-effective than some more complex solutions. The design also benefits from being reusable.

2.Product Parameter (Specification)


CLS Max.Dia
90 60-90mm
110 60-110mm
135 60-135mm
165 60-165mm
180 60-180mm
215 60-215mm
270 60-270mm
325 60-325mm
380 60-380mm
525 60-525mm
660 60-660mm


3.Product Feature And Application

It’s closed installation requires the clamp to be opened fully for positioning. Examples include sign fixing, cable retention, repairs and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. 








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