Split Inline Duct Fan for 90-degree Wall Corner

A split inline duct fan is the most common type of small duct ventilation fan, used in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, and small workshop spaces.
The air inlet and outlet are at a 90° angle, which can reduce the cost of an elbow, reduce wind pressure loss, and supply air farther away.

Product Details:

Split inline duct fans are usually used in small kitchens or installed with kitchen range hoods to enhance the exhaust power, and they can quickly exhaust oil smoke.  This duct fan could pull air from the bathroom and send it outside via a duct that runs through the ceiling or wall.

Split Inline Duct Fans are equipped with high performance motors that are designed to provide strong and efficient ventilation. This ensures that cooking odors and smoke are quickly and effectively removed from the kitchen, improve the overall air quality in your home.

This split inline duct fan is petite, it is highly integrated with a compact structure. The metal casing adopts high electrostatic spraying technology, which is long-lasting, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

The waterproof junction box and placed outside on the casing to allow the duct fan to function in damp locations without the risk of short circuits.

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