Split Type Drainage Mini Pump

  • ENERGY SAVING AND ULTRA QUIET: This automatic condensate water pump adopts a 110‑240V wide voltage design, with a 3W power output, which is energy saving and environmentally friendly. It works very quietly, below 21 decibels, and is suitable for any indoor environment.
  • WIDELY USED: Miniature split automatic condensate pump is professionally designed for equipment that requires automatic drainage pumps such as, air conditioning, dehumidifiers, electric furnaces, ice makers, etc. The condensate pump will not damage the original house decoration, and is easy to use and quick to install.
  • SENSITIVE PROBE SENSING, AUTOMATIC WATER REMOVAL: Adopting a new probe sensing technology, replacing the original float sensing, avoiding drainage abnormalities caused by float displacement and magnetic force disappearance.
  • EASY TO INSTALL: The mini split design with shockproof buckle strap can be flexibly installed above the assembly cover, wall hanging box, or ceiling. Removable visible water tank and filter for easy observation and timely cleaning.

Product Details:

Maximum recommended head 10m.

Imported chip control.

Ultra-quiet no vibration.

Applicable to all voltages worldwide.

The product is small in size and elegantin appearance.

split type drainage mini pump

split type drainage mini pump

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