Stainless Steel Electric Motorized Damper

  • 100% Pure
  • It is a volume controller installed in the air duct of ventilation systems.
  • This damper is suitable for controlling the air volume from full flow to shut off.
  • Small, lightweight and highly reliable Damper Valve.
  • Widely used for air conditioners, exhaust fans, vents and other residential, commercial and industrial applications.
  • Please note the type of vane. In the case of manual vanes, the opening of the manual vanes is controlled by a manual actuator. In the case of automatic vanes, the opening of the automatic vane is controlled by an automatic actuator, which opens and closes automatically and can be used in conjunction with a thermostat.

Product Details:

The actuator has the characteristics of small size, high torque and long service life.
It adopts bidirectional control and can be selected according to different requirements.
High-quality valve leaf: The air valve leaf adopts high-quality aluminum plate stamping molding, equipped with silicone sealing ring, good airtightness, easy wear and corrosion resistance, and stable and reliable product quality.
Mirror: round air valve adopts high quality motor, beautiful and reliable operation, low failure rate, the material of the valve body is made of mirror, corrosion resistance, high-grade appearance.
Can be equipped with a temperature controller: can be used with a series of thermostats, automatic switch, so that the controlled environment is effectively controlled, so that energy-saving comfort and no noise.
HVAC Air Duct Valve / Electric Air Duct Damper / Motorized Damper 125MM 220V
Both the valve opening and the valve closing need to be energized, and the actuator will automatically shut off after completing an action.
An action time is about 10 seconds.
This damper is suitable for controlling the air volume from full flow to shut off
The damper is constructed with polished stainless steel and come with aluminum valve plate
It can work with thermostat, open and close automatically.

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